Gundecha Brothers- Premier exponents and torch-bearers of the Dagarvani Dhrupad

Gundecha Brothers- Premier exponents and torch-bearers of the Dagarvani Dhrupad

Umakant Gundecha and Ramakant Gundecha are the country’s leading Dagarvani Dhrupad singers. As brothers, they have always sung together throughout their singing careers which spans three decades. Known as the Gundecha brothers, they were also jointly awarded the Padmashree in Indian Classical Music- Vocal in the year 2012 for their contribution towards classical music.

Dhrupad is known to be the oldest vocal genre to be still in use and denotes the style of singing and the verse form of poetry. Umakant and Ramakant were born in a Jain family in Ujjain and both studied at the Madhav Music College in the city. The brothers have post-graduate degrees in music with Umakant specializing in Economics while Ramakant, in commerce.

After receiving training from Dhrupad masters, Zia Fariddudin Dagar and Zia Moinuddin Dagar, the Gundecha brothers sang for the first time in 1985 at the Uttaradhikar Dance and music festival in Bhopal. They run a music school where they teach the nuances of Dhrupad as per the Guru-shishya tradition and also have a Dhrupad institute where students from all over the world come to learn this art.

One can find their music albums that they have recorded over the years and they have also sung on radio and television in India and abroad. The Gundecha brothers are invited to sing at music festivals in India and at international locations too. 

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