Gurby Grewal: First ever Asian to become Top Prosecutor of New Jersey

Gurby Grewal First ever Asian to become Top Prosecutor of New Jersey

Indians occupying top posts in America is highly appreciated news as it is not easy to reach top positions in USA. Recently the news that a Sikh-American became top prosecutor of New Jersey, USA, has been the talk of the town. The 42 year old Sikh named Gurby Grewal has now been appointed as top prosecutor of this amazing state of New Jersey. It must be noted that New Jersey in USA is eleventh most populated state.

It was said that John Molionelli long rein came to a close and on 4th of January 2016 Gurby Grewal was appointed as acting Bergen County prosecutor. Some of the amazing contributions of Gurby Grewal were the post of chief of Economic Crimes Unit in New York and his fights against major white collar crimes for USA Attorney office. Gurby Grewal spoke about his county New Jersey and said he was highly committed doing service to the people there and cares for them deeply. He also shared his thoughts on making this New Jersey much better than before.

It must be noted that he was also sworn in as an assistant attorney general in Trenton by John Hoffman who was acting state attorney general. Gurby Grewal concluded that he was also interested towards the resources and challenges and for that he wanted to communicate with other law enforcement personnel. Superb Gurby Grewal!! You have made us all proud!!

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