Happy Horizons Trust that solves Bihar education crisis- great work by amazing couple

Happy Horizons Trust that solves Bihar education crisis- great work by amazing couple

How many of us would believe that a state like Bihar which is known to produce successful students in IIT’s and IAS has at present lowest literacy rate in India. Yes it is true and shocking fact. It is said that the gaps between the students studying in government schools and private schools were growing bigger day by day. To the surprise of many it is now confirmed that only 50 % of students belonging to class five could read class two text book.

It was also said that in Bihar rural areas in the year 2014 only 44.6% kids of class five were able to read class 2 level textbooks.  This is very serious problem and could lead to more problems in the future. While most would have given up a Bihar based couple Kshitiz Anand and Vatsala did what many could not do. It must be noted that Anand is a postgraduate from USA with graduate degree from IIT Guwahati and his wife Vatsala is also postgraduate in Mass Communication.

Kshitiz Anand has also designed curriculum for academic programmes. The couple wanted to do something for the society in education field to eradicate poverty. It all began in the year 2012 when this amazing couple launched operations and Happy Horizons Trust or HHT was registered officially in 2013.

Initial investment for this trust came from unexpected quarters. The gift of Rs5000 given by Anand’s grandma to Vatsala was used for this great initiative. It was also said that unemployment was a big problem that needed to be sorted out. Factors like motivational levels of students going to schools and scarcity of quality teachers were also considered as drawbacks

The main objective of this Happy Horizons trust is towards the quality of the education. It must be noted that teaching, reading, writing, self confidence are imparted to the students. It is said that in  30 schools in six states of Bihar this HHT had created impact.

Government schools and affordable private school sectors are at present focussed by this HHT. Over the period of time other stake holders were also invited slowly. The process followed in HHT is learning through fun as it would increase the motivational levels of the kids thereby preventing drop outs.

Screening educational based movies were carried out by this HHT to make learning fun oriented and at present 100 screenings were done in 26 schools. It must be noted that over 2000 kids attended the career awareness sessions. The digital literacy and internet awareness programs from this HHT for the benefit of high school students are highly welcomed by many.

It is said that fellows or champions conduct the educational sessions and they are given Late Rukmani Devi fellowship. Female high school students get trained by these 3 year fellowships to organize learning sessions by storytelling, reading, games etc. Friends and family members provide funds for this HHT. Anand has also got plans to expand HHT in Delhi NCR, West Bengal etc .Wow!! Great work by Kshitiz Anand and Vatsala!!

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