Hard times can’t make you stop from doing big: The success story of Lee Shau Kee

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The man is the Master of Stocks and is also known as the Warren Buffet of Hong Kong. Lee Shau- Kee, the iconic Hong-Kong based business tycoon specializing in the real estate business showed the world the value of perseverance. A majority owner of the Henderson Land Development, which is a group that has business interests in properties, hotels, restaurants as well as services of the internet. His story is that of struggle and creating a culture of its own.


Lee Shau Kee was born in Shunde, China. He is the fourth in his family and is also sometimes affectionately called as Uncle Four, a term of endearment by the public owing to him being one of the rare fourth borns to be successful.

Early life

Kee grew up in a family that could afford to eat meat or fish only twice a month. That humble start focused his mind on enterprise at an early age and he decided to learn more and more and prior to the beginning of communism, Kee had made his mind to make big.

Keen interest in learning

With a keen interest in learning, Kee moved from mainland China to Hong Kong and began working in the imports and exports department before finding his way into the real estate sector. While working, Kee decided to move on and after that there was no turning back to China again.

First venture

Kee’s very first venture was a real estate agent company named as Eternal Enterprise Company. As Kee moved on with his first venture he became successful in cracking his first deal and from his first venture, Kee led the foundations of modern Hong Kong.

A look up for own business

After world war 2, Lee wanted to initiate his own business and was looking for a start as many other people in Asia at that time had been setting up their own business and Lee wanted to have a platform and them he met a famous billionaire for initial talks and began putting the pieces in place for what would sooner or later become Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited.

The establishment

Kee established himself in Hong Kong in his early times and has since been aggressively occupied in property expansion and other profitable businesses from past few years and became the founder of Henderson Land Development Company Limited and has been the Chairman and Managing Director of the Company.


Lee had contributed to the Chinese University of Hong Kong a lot. He funded academic conferences and research projects, grunted fellowships for doctoral students and researchers and lectureships, and made library collections and research resources and has also donated to the Chinese University to support research works and human resources development.

Intellect business mind

Lee Shau Kee has come over so long only because of his excellent intellect and business mind that made him able to conclude success in the business sector for such a long and sustained period of time. Kee never miss an opportunity to crack any deal.

Bottom line

Lee Shau Kee in his early life had faced many hardships and struggles but proved that the hunger to learn and gain more and more experience never go into waste and that made Lee a well-known master of Stocks in the whole of Hong Kong.

About Lee Shau Kee

The Chinese who left the mother country had to struggle, and that became a culture of its own, passed  through each generation.  

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