Hari Kondabolu- He is the best stand up political comedian in the world

Hari Kondabolu- He is the best stand up political comedian in the world

In the year 1982 Hari Kondabolu was born in Queens, New York, USA. It is known that his parents have migrated from Andhra Pradesh in India for greener pastures. Townsend Harris High School must feel happy and proud that this Hari Kondabolu was their former student. The year 2000 saw him graduating and he has got an elder brother named Askok Kondabolu who was ex member of Das Racist group.

It must be noted that in Bowdoin College where he did his graduation studies this Hari was famous for his stand up comedy and attracted many by his amazing sense of timing and dialogue delivery.
It is amazing to note that that he also completed masters in Human Rights from prestigious London School of Economics. It is now confirmed that this Hari Kondabolu is currently the world’s best political stand up comedian. This Hari had made many television appearances as stand up comedy actor and in 2007 he made his first notable TV appearance on ‘’Jimmy Kimmel Live’’.

His new album titled Mainstream American Comic was released on 22nd July 2016. The superb news is it debuted at number one on the iTunes US Comedy charts. Hari shared his thoughts regarding this new album and said it showcases police brutality, general racism, sexism etc.

Hari also spoke his heart out regarding the 9/11 backlash against the brown coloured people and how he was affected by those issues. Finally this Hari Kondabolu wants to make many people laugh with his unique stand up political comedy. Great Hari Kondabolu!!

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