Harinder Bains- This bar owner in USA did great job of catching the suspect in the New York bomb blast and is magnificent

Pic: dnaindia.com

It is now known that bombings took place in places like New York and New Jersey recently and shocked many people all over. The latest news that would bring happiness on many faces is the suspect of this bomb blasts have been caught and a Sikh who owns a bar is responsible for catching the Afghan-American man.

Harinder Bains is the Sikh who has suddenly become a hero with his sensational act of providing a helping hand to catch the bomb blast suspect. This Harinder Bains is the owner of a bar in Linden and he found Ahmad Khan Rahami sleeping in the door way of his bar. Initially this Harinder Bains thought that guy who was resting in the door way to be a drunk but later Bains was able to identify that guy as Ahmad Khan Rahami.

Harinder Baains spoke in great regards about cops and their work and said cops are the real heroes and law is the real hero. It is now said that Rahami was pulled out his gun and started to fire the police personnel when they tried to catch him. As a result a bullet struck a policeman on his chest. Then there was foot chase and Rahami shot at the police vehicle and the bullet just grazed a policeman on his face.

It is now brought out that Rahami was shot by police many times and the chase ended and was taken to hospital. National Sikh Campaign showered praises on this Harinder Bains for his stupendous courage. Awesome Harinder Bains!!

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