Harjinder Singh: This Man Has Set up his Own Politico-Party in Britain!

Harjinder Singh This Man Has Set up his Own Politico-Party in Britain!

There are some events which really force you to believe in the fact that the world is indeed changing for the better and ‘opening up’ for the good.

How else would you explain the scenario prevailing in the UK – an Indian-origin man has gone out and set up his own political party in Britain. Yes, his name is Harjinder Singh, 38, and he is works in the corporate banking sector. And what’s more, the man is advocating that Britain open up its borders for one and all.

Okay, now that’s definitely extremely ambitious-thinking. But Harjinder thinks not.

“I wanted to leave the EU, but I’m a libertarian and I believe in independence and freedom,” Harjinder was quoted as saying.

He is a man who is pro-freedom. And that’s why the one-time candidate of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for Birmingham’s Perry Barr constituency, has christened his party as Open Borders Party.

Talking to the local media, Harjinder endorsed for open borders, allowing individuals so long as they do not have a criminal record or communicable disease.

In his opinion Harjinder feels that the a policy-revision and its implementation would reap great economic benefits, further improving the economy with new labor, and sparing the taxpayer from paying high taxes trying to keep migrants away.

Harjinder’s forthcoming plans are to have some like-minded people join his party and give him support as he is looking forward to contest in the next elections.

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