Harnaam kaur- This 24 year old UK based girl is now the youngest female with a beard and is in the Guinness Book of Records

Pic: mirror.co.uk

When most of us are highly concerned about our outside appearance a girl named Harnaam Kaur is unbelievable. Harnaam Kaur is popular person in Berkshire in south-east England as she is the youngest ever female having beard. She has now entered into the famous Guinness Book of Records with this feat.

This 24 year old Harnaam Kaur belongs to Sikh community and is famous model as well as campaigner is known. It is interesting to note that her beard measures six inches now. This Harnaam Kaur suffered humiliation at the hands of many these years and now entered into the Guinness records and this has surprised many all over.

Harnaam Kaur at the age of 24 years and282 days has set the record now and has become cynosure of many eyes. Harnaam Kaur felt humbled about her feat and said this would help her to impart empowering message to others. It is now clear that this year 2016 is super for her as in March 2016 she became the first ever woman with a beard to walk the runway at the famous London Fashion Week and caught the attention of many there with her personality.

It must be noted that PCOD or polycystic ovarian disorder is the cause of this abnormal hair growth in her and it is hormonal issue. In her recent social media post she had written that she had been waiting to announce her entry into the Guinness Books but had to wait till the book was launched. This amazing girl wants many to take notice of her record in positive manner and realize the fact that looks doesn’t matter. Awesome Harnaam Kaur!!

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