He was once rich but this man from Mumbai cannot afford for food now

He was once rich but this man from Mumbai cannot afford for food now
Picture: Humans of Bombay

We all would have heard many stories these years about people becoming very rich after coming from poor financial background but this article is about a man in Mumbai who was rich before but poor now. The amazing point to be noted is he is not able to afford for his food also. In his heart there lies hope that one day this would change. Shocking and surprising isn’t it!!

It is now said that this man who’s named is not known was very rich in his younger days. It must be noted that he used to spend lavishly on parties that would have many rich and famous people attending.

It is sad and surprising to note that this man could actually have ten meals in a day but couldn’t have single meal today. The truth is his parents death had made him and his siblings poor and he worked as a child actor for the purpose of money. According to him money plays an important role in the lives and if there is no money means people would not respect and remember.

It must be noted that people give up in their lives when they don’t have any money but not this man. This amazing man is still having hopes that one day his problems would be solved. This man is not afraid of dreaming better tomorrow. It is very clear that this man’s life is an example for the lesson in hope and generosity.

Article Source: Humans of Bombay

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