He worked as an accountant and a private tutor to support his family

BR Ambedkar We are Indians firstly and lastly (FB) (PP-2)

1) Ambedkar was born into a poverty-stricken low caste family in Mhow (Madhya Pradesh)

2) Belonging to the Mahar caste, he and his family was subjected to extreme socio-economic discrimination

3) In the government school he studied in, he was not allowed inside the classroom and was given little attention by his teachers

4) He was not allowed to touch water or the vessel containing it which were reserved for the higher castes

5) In 1907, after passing his matriculation, he became the first ever untouchable o be enrolled in the Elphinstone College of Bombay

6) Following his graduation, he took up a job with Baroda Government from where he was selected to be sent to the US for studying further in Columbia University

7) His phd thesis was slected to be presented in front of the famous anthropologist Alexander Goldeweiser and he became the 1st Indian to pursue a phd in economics abroad

8) After returning to India he was appointed as the military secretary to the Baroda Gaikwad, a post which he had to quit soon

9) Thereafter he worked as an accountant and a private tutor to support his family

10) He also established an investment consulting business which failed soon after his clients came to know that he was an untouchable

11) Thereafter he went to teach at the Sydenham college of Bombay and started practicing law at the Bombay High Court

12) He tried to uplift the conditions of the so called untouchables by promoting their socio-economic condition through his ‘Bahishkrit Hitakarini Sabha’

13) He led a Satyagraha at Mahad to fight for the rights of untouchables

14) After Indian independence, he was appointed as the country’s first law minister and was invited to head the committee formed to draft the Indian constitution

15) He is creditworthy for establishing the Finance Commission of India and ideating the Reserve Bank

16) He was awarded Bharat Ratna in 1990, the highest civilian award of India

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