Health Ministry’s Commendable Initiative for making Cancer Treatment more Affordable

Health Ministrys Commendable Initiative for making Cancer Treatment more Affordable-TN
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Cancer is amongst the most deadly diseases and its costly treatment makes it more malignant. For making its treatment accessible to normal people it is greatly needed for the governments to take some initiatives. Thanks to the health ministry for working on a model to acquire drugs required for cancer treatment in bulk at a negotiated price and then to supply them to all the hospitals and consumers via its own retail system named as Jan Aushadhi stores. According to the officials of health ministry this model is thought to bring down prices of all the expensive cancer drugs and stents by managing thing in such a way that there will be no any sort of pressure on the margins of drug companies too.

This new proposal is going to work in favor of both, cancer patients and drugs’ manufacturers. With this model not only margins of manufacturers will be protected through bulk supplies but with this patients will also be benefited as the rates will also come down. Right now government regulates a total of 348 medicine formulations and prices of all these are decided by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA). With this model government can effectively negotiate prices of many other medicines that come under CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme) and that will really be quite beneficial in bringing down prices of many costly cancer medicines and stents quite effectively.

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