Heard of Katrina Kaif but ever heard of Katrina Kaif as a trained Kathak Dancer

Pic: daily.bhaskar.com

Katrina Kaif certainly received a lot of applauds for her dancing skills in her last venture Baar Baar Dekho and this is no doubt that she is a perfect dancer who knows how to turn the steps on every tune and this has been quite surprising as Katrina the actress got a lot of flak from Bollywood buffs for her dance skills in her initial Bollywood days. However, gone are the days when the actress was criticized for being born with two left feet. 

Here’s a big surprise about Katrina Kaif that has just come up the way. Veeru Krishnan, the popular dance master ahs trained Katrina Kaif and the actress had took thorough training in Kathak. On a special interview on ‘Teachers Day’ when Katrina was asked to name her favourite guru, she took Veeru’s name. 

From Boom to Baar Baar Dekho, Katrina has come a long way and this is 12th anniversary in Bollywood. On the occasion, Dailybhaskar.com has a conversation with Katrina’s most beloved Veeru Krishnan, the ace dancer  speaks about the actress’s training in the traditional dance form and his responses will surely leave you speechless. 

Veeru recollects that Katrina being a firang took one whole month to become familiar with the Indian traditional form of dancing but she picked up so fast that in three months that she became an expert with the chakkras. Those familiar with Kathak know that the dance form has a technique of ‘chakkars’, a 360 degree spin. The dance master says that in the traditional form, normal Kathak dancers execute pirouetting for as many as 25 times in one go. But Katrina did a whopping 800 swirls in one go and shocked her co-dancers and even her dance master. 

While Katrina was learning Kathak, Veeru Krishnan had Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja as his students and Seeing Katrina do 800 chakkars in one go even they were left stunned,” says Veeru. 

Accoeding to Veeru Krishnan it was Dharmesh who shared his contacts with Katrina and asked her to contact him. She wanted to learn dance and so she called him. She was new to the industry and wanted to get her basics in dance right. And what better than Kathak to do that. Kathak is the base of any dance. Once you learn Kathak you can do any kind of dancing from Western to Bollywood.

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