Height of Laziness: Your Pee Your Choice “Bathroom Mutiyapa” video by The Tickle Box is humorous


Now days YouTube channels are creating great humor & out of the box content. Most of them are representing life of today’s youth. It’s not just TVF or AIB, there are dozen more channels which are acting and are producing good stuff.

The Tickle Box, which is fast growing YouTube channel, has been creating nice, creative videos from last many months. We have been sharing their work as soon as they post any new video on their channel.

This time they have come up with a new video called “Bathroom Mutiyapa”. This video is about laziness among today’s youth to get out of bed to pee. This is a conversation of two boys who seems to be staying in a hostel.

One boy has to go to washroom to pee but he is feeling little lazy and tired. He wants to pee but without going to washroom. The whole conversation is funny. You will die laughing when you will hear a punch line which goes like this.

Your Pee Your Choice.

Watch and enjoy the video.

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