HelpAge India: Enjoy your parent’s childhood. It’s your turn to give!

HelpAge India Enjoy your parent’s childhood. It’s your turn to give!

Growing old is a part of every individual’s life and all must go through this challenging yet beautiful stage. HelpAge India is an organization that has been working to make this phase of life, a pleasurable one and has created a heart-touching film to portray the same.

The old woman is shown to be a part of a small and happy family with her son, daughter-in-law and a grand-daughter. On his way home, the son carries her medicines and a parcel containing samosas from a famous local shop. The old woman watches as the family settles down around the table to savour the samosas and reminisces how the shop used to prepare lovely samosas in her time too and asks for a small bite. The son scolds her for that and she then goes on about being old and alone.

In a touching moment the son gets her a plate of samosas and she relishes them immediately. This short film has some amazing moments as it shows us how our parents in their twilight years, need our company and some attention. Brilliantly shot and some touching moments are captured pretty effectively on camera by director Sana Ahmed.

Watch this heart-tugging film by HelpAge India here!

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