Helping to ‘Deliver’ – Najafgarh Village’s Policemen Are Midwives Too!

Helping to ‘Deliver’ – Najafgarh Village’s Policemen Are Midwives Too!

Could you imagine an Indian policeman turning into a midwife so that a villager could successfully give birth? Too hard a scenario for you to imagine, perhaps? Well, you’d be happy to learn that there is a village in our country where this rather hard-to-imagine scenario is in fact a reality.

The village is Najafgarh village near Delhi. The story which bought this amazing fact to light unfold such as:

A woman named Antim Devi went into labor. The family became tensed as a hospital-facility was absent for miles. All the ambulances of hospitals nearly were on-duty elsewhere, and the one closest would take two hours to reach Antim Devi’s home.

In a state of confusion, the family reached out to a social worker, who in turn, dialed 100 – the police emergency number. Within ten minutes of placing the call, a police van was at Antim Devi’s doorstep to drive her to the hospital.

And such an incident isn’t a first in the village. The police here have often and willingly gone out of their way to help villagers, and they couldn’t be happier.

Antim Devi’s delivery turned out to happen sooner than expected. Accompanied by her husband and mother-in-law in the police-van, they saw that Antim was on the verge on delivery. The police rang up the doctors to rush over but soon realized that the doctors are not going to make it time. And then something amazing happened. The cops pulled up their sleeves and helped her with the delivery right there in the van. When the doctors finally came, Antim Devi had already delivered her baby – a boy.

Since the delivery, the two policemen, who were present in the van at the time, have visited Antim Devi’ home twice and gifted clothes for the baby.

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