Hemant Gaur: Going Potatoes All the Time!

Hemant Gaur Going Potatoes All the Time!

Every Indian household has a handful of potatoes in the kitchen. It’s impossible to even imagine Indians minus potatoes. How else do you reckon Indians consume one lakh tonnes of potatoes daily? Yes, it’s one of the amazing facts about the appetite of Indians.

Even though it was the Europeans who bought the potato to India, we have made it our very own like it was never an import so many centuries ago.

And given the importance potatoes enjoy in every Indian’s diet, it is little surprise then that this modified stem has become a favorite cash-crop for the farmers.

Taking this scenario into account, this gentleman named Hemant Gaur ideated that he should jump into the potato business, because just like the veggie itself, the business of it is just as rich.

Using his 16 years of experience with organizations like Marico, ITC, and Walmart, Hemant went ahead and set up Siddhi Vinayak Agri Processing (SV Agri), which is a Pune-based potato supply chain company.

Hemant wanted to streamline the supply-chain of potato, which he felt, was highly disconnected before his foray into it.

Hemant sensed that if the supply-process could get streamlined, potatoes would gain much more value for the farmers.

So Hemant hung his boots in his corporate job and dove straight into entrepreneurship. To begin with, Hemant had the backing of just a handful of farmers, utilizing which he began business.

Hemant, a graduate from the GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Uttarakhand, and a post graduate degree from IRMA University, used his acumen to build brick by brick of SV Agri.

He partnered with Co-founder Ganesh Pawar in 2009 to offer a range of pre-and-post-harvest solutions to potato farmers.

Since then, SV Agri has successfully raised Rs 25 crore funding by a host of investors including Lok Capital and current investor Aspada, it has confirmed that its input is Rs 10 crore.

And if things continue to run in the right direction, Hemant is most optimistic about generating Rs. 500 crore in the next years, versus Rs.60 crore they are generating now.

Hemant believes he can work with potatoes for next 10 years!

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