Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Facebook Townhall

Highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modis Facebook Townhall2

What Mark Zuckerberg said

  • India needs to be leader online.
  • Facebook is excited for Digital India initiative.
  • Steve Jobs advised Mark to visit temple in India.
  • Thanks and welcome to Facebook.
  • Facebook received 40,000 + questions on Facebook for Prime Minister.
  • Mark introduced his Mother to the Indian PM.

What Prime Minister Narendra Modi said

  • He is happy to come to Facebook Headquarter today.
  • India is the fastest growing economy of 1 Trillion dollar and my dream is to make it to 20 Trillion dollar.
  • Agriculture, Service and Manufacturing sectors to be taken care to achieve this.
  • Facebook can help in Service Sector especially in tourism.
  • Perception about India has changed in last one and half year. Government has got the lost confidence back.
  • When I started using Social Media, I never thought I will become CM or PM. I have love for technology.
  • People love ‘Guide’ then ‘Text Book’. Social Media has helped to communicate in less word.
  • I was not qualified that’s where Social Media helped me. With few words I was able to say more.
  • You are accepted as it is on Social Media. You get immediate response and feedback on Social Media.
  • People are getting scare of doing wrong things because of Social Media. Now you are answerable for whole 5 years not after 5 years.
  • Government can use Social Media to implement their Policies and Governance.
  • Because of Social Media people of different countries are connected with each other.
  • China has different Social Media structure and I have presence in their Social Media.
  • World has become a family with Social Media.
  • India has to work on Physical and Digital infrastructure at same time.
  • Highways and i-ways both are important.
  • Inviting other countries to invest in India.
  • It takes time to cut red tapism. It’s easy to u-turn a scooter than the train. It will take time for a country to take u-turn.
  • 180 Million bank accounts were opened in 100 days by this Government. This is the speed of the change.
  • All States in India are competing for ‘Ease of Doing Business’. This is a good sign.
  • Low cost of manufacturing, skill development will help ‘Make in India’.
  • India is the only country where women is considered as “Goddess”.
  • Indian women have started dominating in Education & Health sector.
  • I used to sell tea on railway station.
  • He became very emotional while talking about his father and mother. It was a very emotional moment.

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