Hindustan Shikhar Samagam: Special Things about ‘Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi’

Hindustan Shikhar Samagam 5 things About Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi

  • Javed Akhtar & Shabana Azmi who are husband-wife in real life are biggest names in Hindi Film Industry. Both of them appeared on ‘Hindustan Shikhar Samagam’ which was aired on ABP News.
  • Both of them spoke about their relationship and other incidents in life. Javed Sahab mentioned that he used to go to Shabana’s house when he was a kid as his father and Shabana’s father were writer friends. He still have memories when he was just four years old.
  • When asked about why their relationship is so strong, Shabana mentioned that they remain very busy and meet occasionally that’s the reason their married life is successful (on a lighter note).
  • About his Father, Javed Akhtar mentioned that he always used to say, “It’s easy to write in complex language than to write in easy language.”
  • Shabana said, Indian education system needs change as it always shows “Mother in Kitchen” and “Father in Office” whereas it has to be in multiple combinations like “Mother in Office”, “Father in Kitchen” or “Both in Office” or “Both in Kitchen”.

They discussed much more than what mentioned above. You can check for this video on ABP News.

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