How a Cashier in a Travel Agency setup his own Airline Company: Life Journey of Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways

How a Cashier in a Travel Agency setup his own Airline Company Life Journey of Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways
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Jet Airways is a well-known airline brand worldwide. People may not know much about its founder Naresh Goyal but everyone knows about Jet Airways. Airline Industry is one of the high cost, high investment and low return business. Like any other airline company, Jet Airways too have gone through many turbulent times but still Naresh Goyal has been able to run the company well.

Naresh Goyal who was born in a small town in Punjab didn’t have any exposure in airlines business. His father who had jewelry business died at a very young age. Early demise of his father turned to be a big challenge for Goyal family as they went through huge financial crunch. His father’s house was auctioned and he had to live with his mother’s uncle. With his efforts Naresh Goyal was able to complete his graduation in commerce.

Naresh Goyal’s connect to airlines happened when he started working as cashier in his maternal uncle’s travel agency. He was earning few hundred rupees a month. When he was working in travel industry he got chance to travel across the globe. Due to his business acumen within two decades he was able to start his airline company. When he was working for others, he gained lot of exposure as how airline industry works.

Naresh Goyal’s success is an indication that if you continue doing hard and smart work, you can do whatever you wants to do in your life. It’s your life and it’s you who can shape it the way you want.

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