How Playing Sports can Help your Body and Brain

How Playing Sports can Help your Body and Brain
Pic: YouTube

It is well known that most of youngsters like to play and have fun. Some parents might not accept this as they want their kids to do well in the studies and they don’t allow their kids to have fun under the sun with their friends. Sometimes question arises whether playing sports is very important for a person.

This video gives clear information about the necessity and benefits of the sports and importance of playing.  It must be noted that playing during the younger days helps in bones strengthening. It also clears bad cholesterol from arteries and reduces stokes, high BP, diabetes etc. It must be noted that endorphins are released by the brain during playing and exercising and help in increasing the memory power. Increased endorphins make an individual better. Some psychological benefits are also there during exercise. Being in a team is very important and working towards a common goal is important.

The superb piece of information is self confidence gets increased to great levels. Playing also helps a person to experience the tough times because playing involves failures also. Great resilience is got during the failures and it would be boon to the kids to do well in the career. It is also said that having a good coach means a lot for an individual as he could get great knowledge from the coach in many aspects. Superb!!

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