How to Fight Distractions While Studying

How to Fight Distractions While Studying

If you were to ask any student who has successfully cracked IIT, they would tell you the importance of staying focused and consistent with one’s studies. To fruitfully compete for tough competitive examination such as JEE requires months of preparation. Typically, students prepare for a minimum of 2 years before they take the main exam. Therefore, staying focused for this extended period is not as easy. It is very natural to off track or gets distracted for a brief time. So, if you have hit the distraction stage of your preparation journey, here are some recommendation on how to bounce back –

# Get Personal Tutoring Experience

One of the major distraction, when you are self-studying, is sticking to the same study material and routine. Therefore, instead of using the traditional study material move to digital platforms like Aakash iTutor. This is a new age educational product from which you can access video lectures for IIT JEE.  Every video lecture for IIT JEE is pre-recorded, saved in an SD card and shared with students. This experience is very much like a personal tutoring experience. You can star at your own pace and even pause, play and resume lecture at your own time.

Secondly, the quality of video lectures is outstanding.  The mentors use highly interactive and easy technique to explain concepts in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. As a result, learning becomes easy and even breaks the monotony of learning from book and paper study material.

# Re-arrange Your Room

Sometimes, the physical environment of the room is not optimum to support your effort to study for long hours. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to redecorate your room. Here are some valuable tips in that direction –

  • Start with decluttering your study tables. Remove all scraps of paper, unused stationery, and books
  • Change the location of your study table. Move it to the side of the room where the light is neither too bright of dim
  • Segregate the study material and make sure that they are consolidated at one place.

A clean and clutter-free environment is said to restore calmness and will also help you concentrate

# Take Mandatory Breaks

Studying for long hours, especially heavy subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can be very exhausting.  To optimize your study efforts, you, therefore, need to take mandatory breaks in between. A brief break from studies will help you regain attention in the next session.

The minute you hit a roadblock wherein you are feeling extremely distracted, or you are unable to carry forward with your studies; your brain is signaling that it is time to take a break.  Over studying or learning for long hours is effective only for a short-term study goal. However, for a long-term learning strategy, you need to take breaks in between.

# Watch What You Eat

What you eat has a direct bearing on your mood as well as concentration level. For example, if you snack a lot on sugar, salt and calorie infused food, the chances are that you feel very lethargic and tired. This will directly have an impact on your productivity and affect your ability to concentrate.

Therefore, refrain from eating junk food that is high in MSG and sugar. Instead have light meals, fruits, and vegetables. Also, don’t forget to hydrate yourself. A well-hydrated brain and body will ensure that you can retain and study for long hours.

Concluding Thoughts

IIT JEE is a very tough entrance examination. You cannot afford to be complacent of taking things lightly. With this recommendation, you will be able to tackle the problem related with distraction quite effectively.

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