How to overcome fear of Menstruation


Natural process

Accept that menstruation is a natural process and happens to all the women across the globe. It is absolutely normal for women to menstruate and in fact any irregularities cause more worries and concern at some point or the later than menstruating regularly.


Some girls are extremely scared of the pain they go through while menstruating. The best way to deal with it is to exercise daily to get rid of the pain that you have during heavy menstruation. The more you exercise and remain active that much less pain you have during the menstruation.

It is in favor of your health

You need to understand that menstruation is the process of cleaning your blood every month. Only the harmful impurities are removed from the Uterus. This is how nature has designed it for the life to go on and for the woman to become fertile to be able to conceive.

The pain is tolerable

There is nothing to be scared of menstruation as the pain is mostly tolerable. Women these days not just go to work but also do all other normal activities while they are down with menses. Gone are the days when menstruation was considered to be a big thing so much so that they were made to sit in isolation for at least three days. Menstruation is easy to be dealt with and it is very much a part of the normal life.

Be prepared

The other way of dealing with Menstruation is to be always prepared. Always carry a sanitary pad in your purse and keep a tract of your last menstrual date. Also, always carry a pain killer with you in your purse or bag just in case you might need it.

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