How You Can Keep Yourself Motivated If You Are An Intern

Tips for interns (PP-1)

Source: Livemint

1) Take your Training just like a job as it will help you learn something and there’s possibility that same company may hire you if they like your work and approach towards work.

2) Be disciplined, follow company rules and work timings. Always follow company dress code.

3) Respect everyone in the company because you are the most junior and need to learn from the Corporate world.

4) As senior people may not give you much of their time so you can interact with junior people and try to understand work from them.

5) Don’t take the training as fun or formality. Don’t loose this very important learning opportunity at start of your career.

6) As a student you are not habitual to sit for 8+ hours in a pressurized environment. Do some exercise to stay. On weekends you can have fun to recharge yourself.


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