Hritesh Lohiya is doing the business of changing garbage materials into usable products


Hritesh Lohiya is doing a very different business of converting garbage materials into usable products along with his wife Priti Lohiya. The idea of doing this business just came in way to Hritesh when he was totally upset after all his previous ventures like starting a textile chemical factory, running a stone cutting factory, manufacturing and selling washing powder, doing stock market business became failures.


By the time, Hritesh had lost a huge amount of money. In 2003, he started a handicrafts business. This time he took the help of his wife Priti Lohiya. Hritesh says, “My wife Priti is my rock. She is very lucky for me. I believe that all my earlier startups failed miserably because there was no part of her name in their nomenclature. This time round, I didn’t make that mistake”.

Yet, their life did not go well, as they did not get sufficient orders. It became very difficult for them to sustain. They found some waste tin boxes in their factory and turned them into chairs and tables. Fortunately, the item attracted a customer who visited their factory. This was how they entered into the recycling business.

Priti International was born in 2005. They started thinking about how new products could be made from waste items and make money.


Handbags are made from old gunny bags, military tents, denim pants, etc. Many wastes like tins, drums, tractor parts, old military jeeps, waste machine parts, old scooter and bike-lights are first brought to the factory where the plan of how to use it in the best possible manner is done. Once the design is ready, the final product is manufactured by the factory workers. These products are then exported to more than 40 countries that include China, USA, European nations, and Australia.

Hritesh says, “We are now India’s biggest exporter of waste handicraft products, and the only one in India to export to China”.

In ten tears, their business has developed a lot. They have spread their work to three factories with over 400 people designing these products. The company has a current turnover of $8 million.

As the business has grown well, just getting raw material from scrap dealers is not enough for them. So, the couple has also started attending auctions organized by Indian Railways and Army to purchase waste material.

Hritesh Lohiya: twitter

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