Iconic Step Forward – Mumbai dabbawalas Inc.


Who doesn’t know the Mumbai dabbawalas? They are the individuals responsible for making sure that the city’s workforce has its lunch on time every day. In the recent past, Mumbai dabbawalas have established themselves into a brand of reckoning. Without the systematic Tiffin-delivery, Mumbai’s work-culture would be incomplete.

Interestingly, the dabbawalas do not shy away from recognizing the fact of the importance they have in the life of working-class people of Mumbai. And now that the dabbawalas have earned international recognition, it seemed just about the right time for them to take the next big step.


As a result, the Mumbai dabbawalas are likely to go the corporate way. Plans are in works and soon you will see the dabbawalas launching a company of their own. Yes, you’ve read right.

In a bid to transform their unifying workforce into a bigger brand, the dabbawalas will soon be seen delivering food along with many other essentials namely organic milk, vegetables and other goods.

Their larger plan is to also rope in multi-national companies (MNCs) and provide them with logistical support.

During his recent visit to Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), Subodh Sangle, the coordinator of Mumbai Dabbawalas explained that the purpose for the new initiative is to utilize management skills of the lunch box suppliers.

The dabbawalas are said to have exceptional managerial acumen given the fact that till date almost no lapse in function has ever occurred in their lunch-box delivery-process. And the new initiative will boost income for the dabbawalas. “Several MNCs need logistic support from us and most of them do outsourcing. Dabbawalas are well-versed with the geography and their services have met customers’ expectations,” Sangle elucidated.

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