IIT Madras develops low cost, efficient air purifier

IIT Madras develops low cost, efficient air purifier

In a comprehensive research done at IIT Madras by scientists, they have developed a sensor-based air-purifier that promises to reduce the loads of pollutants as well as the microbes in the air. The pollutant levels in India has increased considerably high and it looks like in future an air-purifier would become an essential home appliance in each home.

S M Shiva Nagendra, Associate professor in the Department of Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at IIT-M with the help of few more research scholars as made the air-purifier with the commonly available low-cost materials like activated charcoal and ultra-violet light. They have developed the device after putting hard effort for about three years.

The air purifiers now available at the market costs high – it costs Rs. 15,000 and more. As the newly developed air-purifier is made of low-cost materials, the product will be a reasonably priced, analysts say. But, the price has not been finalized by the team.

The air-purifier, based on a three-layer technology, is made of a cylindrical stainless steel body. A fan fixed at the bottom portion of the body takes the air inside every time pollutants are detected by the sensor. The pollutant air is passed through a filter that has the following layers:

  1. The filter consists of a muslin fabric bag, through which the pollutant air passes first. This fabric filters air and the large particles like dust are filtered here.
  2. Once this process is finished, the partly purified air passes through a thick layer of charcoal that the bag is filled with. Pollutants like chemicals and other microscopic particles are filtered here.
  3. The last filtration is done by ultraviolet light that is fixed above the charcoal layer. Bacteria and viruses in the air are filtered here.

The device will be very useful for the people having asthma and other respiratory diseases. It can also be used in hospitals that need a sterilized environment, and in other buildings located in polluted areas.

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