Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh: Brave Boys Who Saved Lives Sular at Ghat in Punjab With Their Turbans

Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh Brave Boys Who Saved Lives Sular at Ghat in Punjab With Their Turbans-1-TN

The turban has been an integral part of the Sikh Tradition since the time of Guru Nanak Dev ji-The founder of Sikhism. The turban serves to increase a Sikh’s commitment to Sikhism and one becomes more disciplined and virtuous person. The turban certainly deepens the connection between the Sikh and the Guru.

As the turban worn by Sikhs have an immense spiritual as well as temporal significance, one can remove the turban only at home, during bath. But Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh , with their gentle act of saving lives of four drowning people with the help of their turbans proved that the faith traditions preaches compassion and justice. A group of boys at Sular Ghat in Punjab had gone into the water for the immersion of Ganesha idols. Lost in their holy dedication, the four boys got washed away in the water as a gush of water came and they lost their footing.

Inderpal Singh and Kanwaljit Singh sangrur

A lot a panic was created near the spot. The boys started shouting and cry for their help. Inderpal Singh who was sitting on the embankment of the canal and enjoying watching all the immersions of Ganesha Idols, reached to their help without any second thought in his mind. He first tried to pull out all the four drowning boys with the help of wire lying on the embankment, but it broke and he could not pull them out. Then, he quickly removed his turban and threw one end of it at the drowning boys and pulled them out.  His efforts to save human lives with his turban symbolize dedication, courage, sovereignty and obedience to the wishes of founders of the faith. On the other bank, Kanwaljit Singh too, reached immediately to the situation of panic, jumped into the canal, removed his turban and tried to save them all.

Since ancient times, the turban has been of the significant importance in Punjab, but Sikhism instructs that the goal of human life is to perform the service and charity towards other human lives. We all should emphasize on the path of devotion and the existence of all mighty in every human being and value it, setting aside the religious codes.

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