India has only one Superstar and that is Rajinikanth

India has only one Superstar and that is Rajinikanth

Indian film industry is known worldwide. It’s number two after Hollywood. Indian film industry has decades of legacy. It has produced many stars but it has only one Superstar that is Rajinikanth. People call him God of South Indian Cinema.

It’s beauty of India that a bus conductor turned actor Rajinikanth has become the most popular actor in India and abroad. He has huge fan following. When his film gets released, it becomes like a festival. People celebrate the release like Diwali.

When his movie Kabali got released, it was released at 4 am. People did advance booking of his film. Even after running the film on thousands of screens, there were many people who could not get tickets for the first weekend shows after the release.

This is charisma of Rajinikanth. He lives a very simple life in real life. He is very down to earth. Even at the age of 65 years there’s no one even an inch closer to his performance. He still rules the Indian film industry. Rajinikanth has set so high standards that it will be very difficult for anyone to surpass them.

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