Indian Air Force Evacuation in Nepal Earthquake – With Utmost Dedication

Indian Airforce evacuating people from nepal earthquake-2


Whole world was stunned with earth quake in Nepal last week. India being close to Nepal, lot of Indian’s were in Nepal as tourist. Everyone was stuck up. People didn’t know what to do. It’s then when Indian Air Force came into action and started their operation “Maitri” in Nepal to save Nepal & Indian citizens. Indian Air Force is still doing their jobs and they have safely brought thousands of Indian back from the earthquake effected place from Nepal.

Indian Airforce evacuating people from nepal earthquake

India Today Report : People who went for vacation, after being rescued from eathquake-hit Nepal, in Ahmedabad on Monday. Photo: PTI

People, who are rescued, feeling happy the way Indian Government has responded to this natural disaster. Job Well Done!! Indian Air Force!! We are proud of You that you do your job without any discrimination.

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