Indian American researchers on the team out to achieve passive Wi-Fi at 10,000 times less power

If you’re a Wi-Fi addict, then you’re going to love the news which follows. If things pan out as planned, then very soon you are likely then very soon you’d be able to use Wi-Fi that consumes 10,000 times less power. All this is being done as part of project to minimize battery usage when your device is hooked to Wi-Fi. Good news is that Indian American researchers are also on the team.


The new system, known “Passive Wi-Fi”, guzzles 1,000 times less power than existing energy-efficient wireless communication platforms, such as Bluetooth Low Energy and Zigbee. This is an observation by computer scientists and electrical engineers from University of Washington. Passive Wi-Fi can effectively transmit Wi-Fi signals at bit rates of up to 11 megabits per second that can be decoded on any of the innumerable Wi-Fi connectivity devices.

Shyam Gollakota, who is assistant professor of computer science and engineering, and is co-author of te study, was quoted as saying, “We wanted to see if we could achieve Wi-Fi transmissions using almost no power at all. That is basically what ‘Passive Wi-Fi’ delivers. We can get Wi-Fi for 10,000 times less power than the best thing that’s out there.”

Explaining things further, co-author Vamsi Talla, electrical engineering doctoral student said, “All the networking, heavy-lifting and power-consuming pieces are done by the one plugged-in device. The passive devices are only reflecting to generate the Wi-Fi packets, which is a really energy-efficient way to communicate.”

The technology is poised to usher in entirely new forms of communication that haven’t been a possibility because energy demands have over-ridden the existing power supplies. It could also further simplify our data-intensive environments.

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