India’s Tax Guru Subhash Lakhotia no more

Pic: YouTube

Often people do things for themselves. But there are people who have always helped others and have done great things for common people. Tax Guru Subhash Lakhotia was also one of them.

Tax in India is considered to be one of the most difficult & complex task to understand. But this great man, Subhash Lakhotia not only made tax related issues simpler but he has spread tax awareness among millions of people through his lovely smile and ways of simplifying things.

Through social media we got to know that the legendary tax guru is no more. Journalist Shuchita Chaturvedi broke the news with her article.

Sanjay Pugalia mentioned on his Twitter page “ज़िंदादिल, हरफ़नमौला सुभाष लखोटिया बहुत याद आएँगे”.

Priyanka Sambhav wrote “हर सोमवार को हम लखोटिया जी के साथ टैक्स गुरु रिकॉर्ड करते थे और इस सोमवार को आखिरी विदाई  @subhashlakhotia  सर  @CNBC_Awaaz का सलाम”

This is quite a shocking news for every viewer. RIP Subhash. We will miss you.

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