Innovation in Indian Railways: Train Coaches May Have “Signature Wildlife Themes”

Representational Picture
Representational Picture

In a country of epic proportions and giant geographical spread, one wonders what would have become of India had it not been for the milestone achievements of its railways.

Often derided for lack of convenience they offer on all accounts, pricing, passenger safety and relative ease of travel, the Indian Railways are a grand paradox of unique reach matched with hugely under-achieved successes.

Each year, the respectable and honorable Government of the country tries its best to negate social contortions and negative connotations by introducing  a scheme of creative new ideas that are aimed to breathe in a new lease of life into one of India’s most dependable, bankable, promising and reliable network of transportation. Being more than a bane, as they are often portrayed in many a national news channels, they are a boon from people of all classes and sides of India’s socio-economic spectrum.

The tag of the largest network of rail clearly rests on the robust shoulders of China and the proud shoulders of India, two of the most competitive and vibrant economies in Asia. But, as China is working on many new technologies to elevate the overall rail commuting experience, the Indian Railways in India are amidst a sea of new ideas, both potent in their content and vibrant in their offer to their most loyal users: the common man and those who come to form the middle and upper middle classes. These are the potent forces that have long driven the revenue stream of one of the world’s largest network of railways, a primordial strength constituting India’s rise and capability in building relevant, applicable and convergence – defining physical infrastructure.

A new dimension to Indian Railways

The Government of India, recently introduced an important step to introduce many Rail coaches of India in a concerted effort to re-shape and re-package the image building construct of Railways in India.

Long standing designs and normal and rudimentary design of coaches that hitherto, for decades have carried the same look, design and construction element are now slated to undergo vivid change, in a move to engage audiences and increase consumer traction.

The railway coaches that have always seemed bland and boring to many Indians, will now be seen painted with an interesting mix of colors, themes and designs that will carry signature Wildlife themes and elements in them.

Most noticeably, as per news from trusted sources, we may now see Indian Rail coaches painted with the face and design elements of tigers, cranes, trees and other important wildlife assets. The proposal with the eminent and widely respected World Wildlife Federation (WWF) of India has come at a time that perhaps would just be right in engaging passenger audiences to a new renewed construct of understanding Indian railways from a rather discerning lens.

The times, they are a changin’ said the great Bob Dylan and it can’t be truer in the construct of the mighty promising Indian Railways and the ever effervescent WWF. May the partnership successfully shine and emerge with great new colors.

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