Inquirly – The new way to do business

Inquirly is about an omni channel communication model for businesses. In today’s world the entire business relies upon branding the image of the product. Right branding makes you the top performer and vice versa.


But, what this branding exactly is? Branding is nothing but grabbing the perception of the people who are in turn the customers. Inquirly helps you to grab this right image for your business. It helps you to come in front of your customers and have real time conversations to understand what is on their minds.

Inquirly has a Saas Platform that makes things much simpler and accessible. It is an omni channel communication digital marketing solution which helps businesses to tab the pulse of their consumers. Inquirly works with a multi tenant approach where you could create different roles for different businesses based on the needs.

On Inquirly, you could hold a two way campaigns on your products or research. The campaigns are then posted on the social media network; SMS’s, emails and are also put up on Beacon, tablets and QR code. The main operational tuning that is needed is to set up these channels and getting the clients on board. This idea came to Anjan Choudhary when he was employed with Accenture. The first version of Inquirly was launched two years back. Since then, Inquirly have had the opportunity of meeting some 500 odd customers and have learnt a lot from them.

Inquirly has also updated and added many features based on the clients needs. Anjan had been working very hard on this new project and once his basics were ready with his first paying client than he was all set to hit the buzz. He quit his job and got absorbed in this full heartedly. They have an engine to regulate accessing of businesses to social and media channels as well.

Inquirly: website

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