Inspiration from the Life of a Driver in India


Challenging and risky job

A driver job is challenging and becoming a driver is a serious decision. Driving is always a quite dangerous and a risky job, especially drivers who take long drives driving lorry, buses and trucks is very dangerous yet they take it up as a daily activity.


Passion to drive

Before choosing, the driving job, one has to learn driving properly, get a driving license and especially should have great passion over driving. Drivers, who love to drive, make the journey of their passengers a pleasurable one.


Cab Drivers

Cab driving is a business that can be run by a person with little initial capital, yet the profit may be modest. Indeed, every taxi driver is his own boss; his competition is with the every other taxis in town. If, the driving of the driver is good and gives comfort, he will get regular repeated customers apart from his usual customers.


Company drivers

Nowadays, taxi companies have started. They are changing the trend in urban Indians travel. By using the latest technologies like booking the cab through apps they are creating convenient conveyance revolution. The real benefits of these companies are they give a comfortable ride for the passengers as well as good job opportunities for drivers.


Bus drivers

Bus drivers have the great responsibility of taking their passengers safely to the destination. His job is great as he takes care of the lives of his passengers.


Truck drivers

Days start very early to them. Many drivers like to move with the light some prefers to drive through the night. They will be assigned to dispatch the materials they are carrying at a particular time at a particular place and so, the driver has to calculate the timings accordingly to finish their job.


Saving lives

Drivers who drive ambulances in India faces tremendous pressure due to road traffic and non co-operation by many people who doesn’t give way to an ambulance. Drivers have to fight a lot to save lives in those cases.


Life of a driver

Even though, drivers spend a major portion of their lives on the roads with their vehicle, they are often looked down with little understanding of their lives and their job.


More than a Driver’s job

Mostly drivers are used for some other personal work also. People who hire drivers, make sure that they consume full energy of their resource and not let them sit idle. Driver are used for many other work like office boy, peon, sweeper etc etc.


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