Interesting True Story: When Mr. Tata didn’t recognize Dilip Kumar

Interesting True Story When Mr. Tata didn't recognize Dilip Kumar

At the peak of his career, Indian Film Superstar Dilip Kumar was once travelling by plane.

The passenger next to him was elderly. Dressed in a simple shirt and pant, he appeared middle class but well educated.

Other passengers kept glancing at Dilip Kumar. But this gentleman appeared unconcerned. He read his newspaper, looked out of the window, and when tea came, he sipped it quietly.

Trying to strike a conversation, Dilip Kumar smiled. The man courteously smiled back and said hello.

To start the conversation, Dilip Kumar brought the subject to cinema and asked, “Do you watch films?”

The man replied, “Oh, very few. I did see one many years ago.”

Dilip Kumar mentioned that he worked in films himself.

The man said, “Oh, that’s nice. What do you do?”

Dilip Kumar replied, “I am an actor.”

The man nodded, “Oh, wonderful.” That was it.

When they landed, Dilip Kumar held out his hand and said, “It was good to travel with you. By the way, my name is Dilip Kumar.”

The man shook my hand and smiled, “Thank you. I am Mr. Tata.”

Dilip Kumar learned, no matter how big you are, there is always someone bigger. Be humble. It costs nothing.”

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