Internet comes to the village of famous scientist Sir C. V. Raman

Internet comes to the village of famous scientist Sir C. V. Raman
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Sir Chandrasekara Venkat Raman or Sir CV. Raman is a famous scientist who had made a great name in the field of Physics. His ‘’Raman Effect’’ is highly popular and has created great impact all over.

Latest news is the birth place of scientists CV. Raman and S. Chandrasekhar would soon have access to the internet. It is now clear that from 20th Of June 2016 Purasakudi and Mangudi would have internet access. It is said that these places in Thanjavur district would have 2Mbps wireless internet and this was made possible by World Broadband Alliance or WBA that provides internet and it has got its headquarters in Chennai.

It must be noted that team from Microsense are now in these villages that are 20kms from Thanjavur and the team is involved in the setting up of last mile connection and are also involved in tapping of radio frequency signals from the Wi-Fi towers. According to Sujit Singh Microsense India ED access points are now set up near schools, panchayats, important streets etc cloud Wi-Fi platform is being utilized now.

One good news is Microsense has donated two laptops to the government aided school plus a desktop for the villagers to use in the future. Superb work!!

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