Interview with Ally Digital Media – Top SEO Company in Mumbai

1) Give us a brief about the company

We are 360-degree and a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in SEO, digital sales, graphic designing, website designing, CMS & mobile app development. Our relentless passion is to make life easier for our clients as we partner together for success. We at Ally Digital Media take immense pride in our customer service, which is second-to-none, and have managed to serve 1200+ clients within just a few years since our inception.

2) How do you evaluate the current market landscape for Digital Marketing?

The industry is growing exponentially and it is possibly the opportune time for anyone looking to get into the business of Digital Publishing. The future scope of the digital marketing industry in India will be dependent on the various ideas and developments that demand the seamless interworking of mediums. While zeroing in on the right digital marketing agency, you need to be sure that the agency is not only professional but also diligent in his duties. We help take the guessing game out of the equation by giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you hired a professional you can trust. Our staff come armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning from Sales, marketing, finance to business management.

3) What are the challenges you foresee in India and how is the company geared to address those challenges?

In India, the biggest challenges lying ahead of the SME sector is to find a trusted digital agency that upheld its promises and delivers on time. Clients are not looking for an agency that follows a template-based approach while simply executing things mentioned in their deliverables sheet. We are the one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. At Ally Digital Media, we love what we do. We are totally committed to constantly improving the way you envision digital marketing across India. We follow a strategic yet result oriented approach here & do what it takes to achieve the objectives defined by the client. We insist on being reliable not because industry standards demand it, but because we thoroughly respect and value the relationships we build. 

4) What are the services that you cater to your clients? 

Building on the collective experience of several years in SEO and digital marketing expertise for companies across India, our robust and passionate team comprising of 33 top-notch professionals, bring commitment, trust, and confidence, which enable us to have a privileged and enviable track record of client retention. We offer a range of flexible digital marketing packages ranging from SEO Services, Website Development, Email Marketing to PPC services and mobile app development to cater to the precise needs and requirements that suit the particular market and conditions. Additionally, we strongly believe in increasing your profits and the overall health of your business – not just rankings of random and fancy keywords that nobody really bothers looking up.

5) What are the differentiating points of your services that give you an edge over your competitors?

We help clients scale up their operations, allowing them to operate at cent per cent levels all the time. Thanks to our client-centric approach, we help implement various creative and inexpensive solutions for you to tackle your upcoming digital challenges. Moreover, we insist on being reliable and transparent in delivering our services and hence we offer our clients free registration without any hidden charges. Furthermore, we are thoroughly dedicated to our clients and make sure we are available for them, no matter what time of the day, and even on weekends & holidays. This clearly understates our levels of commitment towards our clients.

6) Please name some of your clients.

We pride ourselves on being a result-oriented digital agency and our current clientele bears testimony to just that. Despite the overall competitive landscape in India, within no time we have managed to bag and retain several prestigious clients including Balaji Wafers, Priyagold, Godrej, Lokmat, JM Finance, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, PAGLI, just to name a few.

7) Highlight your organisational culture and employee programs.

By strategically leveraging the right people along with the help of our deep and functional expertise within digital marketing, we find unique ways to create utmost value for our clients. This is because we are known for our holistic perspective, thus allowing us to take quick and accurate decisions. Moreover, our team provides an experienced standpoint that helps lend clarity to even the most complex situations by creating bespoke solutions. This is achieved by working side-by-side with our clients to rethink how the work needs to be executed and help your organisation create unprecedented value.

8) How does your company harbour innovation among the employees?

We believe that innovation plays a crucial role in accelerating a company’s growth trajectory. We believe that our employees are in the best position to know what is working and what isn’t and thus empower them to take creative decisions. We encourage risk-taking, reward innovation, promote autonomy while also promoting project ownership, holding ingenious contests and making employees feel a part of the idea-creation process.

9) What are your go-to-market plans/ global strategy?

India is arguably one of the world’s largest economies while also being a market with great diversities in culture, consumer’s tastes and habits. We have over several years of expertise and experience behind us, are well versed with the Indian markets and our well-renowned network group of digital consultants are ready to propel us to the next level. We also have our presence in Dubai while has also helped empower us while making us immensely popular among our clients owing to our detailed analysis and complete reporting. Whether it is an established or emerging market, our experts possess all necessary insight on SEO and digital marketing factors prevalent in the global markets today. This coupled, with our deep knowledge of marketing and sales, in terms of strategy and implementation make us the perfect match when it comes to proper execution of your vision. 


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