Invictus Saur Urja – Spreading Solar Energy in Bengal

Invictus Saur Urja – Spreading Solar Energy in Bengal

The youth of India today is an ignited bunch. There are ideas in their minds, which they believe, have the power to change the country for good. This is the kind of India we’re all hoping to become some day and obviously, the youth knows this that they have to play a leading role, and not just supporting cast.

As India continues to become growingly-conscious about the environment, the youth is coming forward to play its part in developing India. One such group of youths in Bengal has come together to bring about renewable-energy in the state.

“All of us wanted to start up and be our own boss. All had dreams of doing something different, unique, be rich and also contribute to the building of the nation,” starts Abhishek Pratap Singh, Co-founder, Invictus Saur Urja.

Invictus Saur Urja – Spreading Solar Energy in Bengal

The gem of an idea to work with solar-energy appealed so much to the founders that they decidedly quit their respective jobs to begin Invictus Saur Urja, a venture which now provides solar energy solutions in Kolkata.

West Bengal is still warming up to the idea of solar-energy but the 22-member team (including two members with 40-years experience in renewable energy sector) at Invictus Saur Urja is confident that their effort to spread green-energy in the state will yield results in the nearest future.

Talking about their services, Abhishek said “We work with SMEs and big corporate institutions because it has recently become mandatory for them to switch to renewable energy.”

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