It’s the best of everything you have to see: Ranvir Singh’s Don’t Hold Back-Jack and Jones


Ranvir Singh as known by everyone is famous for his high-energy performance or in other words he himself is the power house of energy. For his every performance he make sure that he had left no stone unturned and this time he is back with another performance of him with a bold and beautiful ad from Jack n Jones- a brand which don’t hold back.

If one can relate easily then don’t hold back is one of the terms that state not to keep anything within by losing out yourself to the world and telling what you want or what it takes to be free. Well here’s what they showcase before you is the most dark yet entertaining ad with none other than Ranvir Singh.

The ad executes with a group of dancers and a leader- Ranvir Singh who makes out a valid point through high energy performance that things are not here to kept with you or holding them back is the any solution instead it takes you to the level of freedom by one slogan- Don’t Hold Back. Jack n Jones have come up with their new wearable clothing brand that seems to be completely mesmerizing and with the person who himself mesmerizes you with his performance and together they have kept the best before you which suits for young especially people with high energy bar.

Jack N Jones have touched the bones and owing them makes some sense.

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