Jamie Crane Mauzy- This freestyle skier is thanking doctors for saving her life

Jamie Crane Mauzy- This freestyle skier is thanking doctors for saving her life
Pic: vancouversun.com

A freestyle skier named Jamie Crane Mauzy is making news once again. It must be noted that 15 months back she met with an accident on the slopes of Whistler. This had made her paralysed and she was in coma as the impact was high on her brain. Now the big news that would make everybody happy is Jamie Mauzy is in Vancouver to thank the doctors who played their part in saving her life.

That she was airlifted to Vancouver general hospital in 2015 after she caught ski edge in an international competition is well known now. It is now confirmed that doctors at the hospital did greatly in saving her life. This Jamie is now recovering slowly and steadily and is setting goals for her. The amazing piece of information is three dozen patients are now monitored in the same way as Jamie Crane at this Vancouver General Hospital.

It is now said that the new auto regulation monitoring technology and procedures used are giving good results. The good news is from 37% traumatic brain injury patients having good outcomes the percentage has risen to 60% after the new monitoring procedure was used by the doctors.

It is now certain that health system played crucial role in making this freestyle skier back to life again. According to her strong support from the family is very important and it helps a great deal. Her positive attitude is also one of the reasons for her come back now. Superb Jamie Mauzy!! You inspire many.

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