Janna Jihad- World’s youngest reporter from Palestine is sensational

Janna Jihad- World’s youngest reporter from Palestine is sensational
Pic: youtube.com

Not many of us can be like this Janna Jihad of Palestine. It is tough to even imagine that at the age of just 10 when others of that age would be indulging in other activities this Janna Jihad is a reporter. Incredible isn’t it!!

The year 2014 saw her being popularity soar by means of internet and now it is said that she travels with her mother to many places like Jerusalem, Hebron etc and shots video reports. After that she posts these videos online so that millions would be able to see those. It must be noted that her friends of her age are scared when compared to this Janna Jihad as Janna as a reporter goes near many brutal incidents and reports from there. It is really shocking to hear that Janna’s village in Palestine has seen many fights between Israel soldiers and Palestinian protesters.

It must be noted that people were shot before her eyes when she was young had made her determined and strong now. The fear and shyness that was once seen in her had totally gone. It is great to note that her Face Book page has got 80,000 likes and her ambition to join journalism course at the renowned Harvard University must be appreciated. She also wanted to secure job in CNN or Fox news after finishing her studies and wants to make the country of Palestine more popular.

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