Jennifer Dombrowski shares wonderful experiences after travelling to over 50 countries with her husband Tim Davis


Jennifer Dombrowski and Tim Davis are the couples who have been travelling for the past seven years and in their own words, till now they have mapped fifty countries which seem like a travel empire or a castle of their own.

Travelers have their own story and building a virtual empire of their own has been a dream of every traveler and like a fiction story, the couple’s travelling started just because they wanted to quit the world they were living in but what comes in their way while travelling has discovered new avenues for them.

Jennifer presently running a fabulous luxury travel business and still she is carrying her start from one destination to another and moreover, world’s most popular websites have their travelling stories which make them feel like travel Gods.

“We would make sure we always planned to have something going on during those times,” Dombrowski said.

She further added that “having the weekend and being in Europe, you could go so many places just driving or taking a cheap budget flight”.

Slowing down is a part of the luxury travel and we learnt it when we are done with fifty countries, she said.

According to Jennifer, their inherently compulsive nature makes them want to exhaust their selves whenever they plan a trip and they often stop and relax at a place.

They need to give time the time they have taken off for the trip.

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