Jim Telfer – This Scotland based rugby coach gave pre- game speech to his players and it was very effective


Jim Telfer was born in the year 1940 in Melrose in Scotland and has made a great name for himself as a coach. It is amazing that this former Hawick High School headmaster and a geography teacher at the famous Galashiel’s Academy has done superbly as coach and is regarded in high esteem by many all over.

It is now confirmed that Jim Telfer is a highly successful coach both for Scotland national rugby union as well as British and Irish Lions team. This superb coach now is coaching Melrose RFC U-18 team.

It must be noted that this 6ft 2 in tall Jim Telfer was an assistant coach and he gave an outstanding speech that inspired his British and Irish team players to great levels when the team was touring the country of South Africa in 1997. It was on 21st June in 1997 this speech was given by him when the team was preparing for the test against the South African rugby team.

Jim Telfer on that day spoke about the responsibility of the eight forwards and said only few rugby teams get to the top of Mt Everest and this superb team has got that chance to reach the top of this Everest. The speech had superb effect and his team won the test beating the opponent.

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