Joao Coelho de Souza: 131 Not Out – Know about the World’s Oldest Living Man!

Joao Coelho de Souza 131 Not Out – Know about the World’s Oldest Living Man!-2

The world’s oldest living man is 131 years old. OMG!

His wife, she is 69 years younger than him. OMG-twice!

If you’re through with rubbing your eyes in disbelief and wonderment, read on to know more about the world’s oldest living individual.

His name is Joao Coelho de Souza, and there are unconfirmed reports that this veteran could well be the world’s most aged human being, which does make him a recipient of a Guinness Book world record.

This discovery was made by Civil servants in Brazil, and it is said that Coelho is father of three children also.

The news of Coelho and his age created a stir when it became public as Social security workers in Acre in the north of Brazil published photos of Coelho and a birth certificate dated March 10 1884.

Joao Coelho de Souza 131 Not Out – Know about the World’s Oldest Living Man!-2

According to the birth certificate Coelho was born in the city of Meruoca in Ceara about 2,000 miles to the east of Acre.

The Brazilian newspapers put out the news wherein it is mentioned that Coelho’s wife is aged 62, whereas a granddaughter aged 16 situated in a village called Estirao do Alcantara, a 30-minute boat ride from Sena Madureira, a municipality in the centre of the state of Acre.

Amazingly the age of Coelho’s daughter, Cirlene Souza is just 30 years. So if you do the math, Coelho was 101 years old at the time of her birth!

Cirlene said that her father’s age has rendered him to swing between days of lucidity and times when he doesn’t recognize his own children!

Cirlene also talked of his health stating that Coelho suffered a stroke six years ago but still did not let go of having his meals thrice in a day.

Coelho has a good appetite still, and loves rice, fish and meat.

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