Joao Maia captures beautiful pictures at ParaOlympics , but did you know he is visually impaired ?

Pic: Instagram

Joao Maia is visually impaired and is taking professional photographs covering the Rio Paralympics.He is one of the most talented photographers who is covering the sporting extravaganza with each picture of amazing quality.

He believes that there is no need to see to take a picture.His pictures are so good that he has captured the beautiful expression and the impact perfectly of the world record setter long jump by French athlete Marie-Amelie Le Fur .

41-year-old , Joao lost his eyesight when an eye infection called uveitis struck him at the age of 28 years.He struggled for a year and finally he could no longer see  anything but for some shapes and few colours when he went very close to the objects.

He worked as a postman , learnt to use a cane and took up Braille lessons. He also tried his hand at  photography and liked it instantly.He feels that photography is about sensitivity and he can show how he perceives the world through his eyes.He teamed with the other sports photographers on the tribune at the Paralympic stadium this week.He finds it difficult to capture photographs of track race due to distance and noise.

He then started focusing on the long jumpers  with his  latest generation smartphone.His borrowed eye helpers are Leonardo Eroico and Ricardo Rojas, whose Mobgrafia initiative promotes art photography using cellphones, help him in editing and put these pictures on social networks.His Instagram account @joaomaiafotografo now has some 1,800 followers.

He hopes to capture the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

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