Jonas Letieri- This inspirational SUP surfer has no arms and is highly determined

Jonas Letieri- This inspirational SUP surfer has no arms and is highly determined

It is surprising how some people become so determined in their lives when they have some problems. A person named Jonas Letieri is an inspirational SUP surfer is known. It must be noted that he had lost his arms in an electric accident.

This physical issue did not hamper him from becoming a surfer. It is simply superb when he says his love for the ocean is strong. It is amazing how even after losing his arms he had not backed in his life. It is important to note that this Jonas is not only a surfer but also an upcoming SUP racer as well.

It must be mentioned that a modified paddle with rings at either sides of the shaft helped Jonas a great deal. At the Battle of the Paddle, BOP in Brazil in the year 2014 he was cynosure of all eyes as he took second spot.

It is now clear that Jim Terrell founder of Quickblade was highly impressed by this Jonas Letieri at the BOP, Brazil. Apart from Terrell others like Mark and Christina Pickard showed great interests in supporting this Jonas. Mark Pickard spoke in awe about this Jonas and said he was astonished to see the balance of Jonas with his cross-stern back brace move.

He also spoke about how the Kelly’s Academy kids were highly impressed by Jonas who had fought many odds to become successful SUP surfer. According to Jonas taking one stroke at a time is very important. His many inspiring speeches with youths in Brazil and California are regarded highly by many. Awesome Jonas Letieri!!

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