Josi Aponte’s Guardian Angel-Peter Getz

Josi Aponte’s Guardian Angel-Peter Getz
Pic: Facebook/Hartford CT Police

Josi Aponte and Peter Getz share a unique relationship. In 1988, when Aponte was just 5 years old she and her uncle were caught in a fire in her apartment.Police Officer Getz bravely rescued her from the fire, performed the CPR and took her to hospital immediately and ensured she was out of danger.However he could not save her uncle. She always reminded him of his own kids.He was in touch with her and checked on her progress at school.He had her snap on desk till her retired.Though they were out of touch later, she had not forgotten him.

When Aponte graduated magna cum laude from Eastern Connecticut State University she invited Officer Getz , her special and important guest to attend the ceremony. Aponte was excited and overjoyed and mentioned to all that it was because of Getz she was alive.She wanted to share her success to all the people important to her and have helped her during her tough times.He was equally happy too to meet her and join the celebration after almost 20 years.

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