Kahaniya – ‘Silver Film of the Year’ by India Film Project

In an event of IFP (India Film Project) which was Asia’s largest film making challenge of making a short movie in 50 hours, the movie Kahaniya got the award of Silver film of the Year. From story, technique, sound design to cinematography, every movie making aspect was quite precisely handled and that’s why IFP is getting lots of praise for their this project.

Story of this movie doesn’t have a word (excepting a voice over) but still offers a lot to listen, feel and understand. Kahaniya which is created by a team, The Visual Architects, belongs to musical genre and it tells different stories of our society and on ground level all the different stories are interrelated in it.

Kahaniya quite beautifully depicts day to day oppression and suppression because of some social prejudices and stigmas. We can also relate and feel such repressions around us that sometimes lead few people towards depression too and same happens to the characters of Kahaniya. But then there is always a glimpse of positivity in air that channelizes the motivation to thrive and survive and all characters get that sort of constructive motivation in different forms.

At the end it tells how even a little bit of positivity can awaken the champion in you. For such an attempt, team of The Visual Architects deserves lots of praise and accolade and they are already receiving that. There were some other films too which were equally amazing (or may be a little better in some aspects) like “Iris” that got Gold film of the year award while “Koothu” is the one which received Platinum film of the year award. Such events are really useful in providing platforms to new aspiring talents and we should always encourage these initiatives.

Watch IFP 2015 | Kahaniya – ‘Silver Film of the Year’

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