Kaiser Tufail- This Air commodore from Pakistan showed his human side by helping IAF Pilot Nachiketa from brutality and is sensational

Pic: paffalcons.com

It is well known that India and Pakistan are enemies and many fights are still going on in the borders of both the nations. This has caused deep pain in many people from both these countries. It is now brought out to light that during Kargil war Air Commodore Kaiser Tufail who was Director of Operations of Pakistan Air Force or PAF did something unbelievable and caught the attention of many. This Kaiser Tufail showed that humanity did exist and helped IAF Pilot Nachiketa from the tortures of Pakistan jawans when jawans treated Nachiketa badly.

This officer KaiserTufail told the jawans of his nation that as Nachiketa was captured he need not be treated so badly and after that jawans showed some mercy on IAF Nachiketa. It must be noted that this Nachiketa was a Flight Lieutenant when the Kargil war took place and in July month in 1999 his MiG 27 crashed in POK at a place nearer to Skardu. One important point to be noted is CaptainSourav Kalia was tortured brutallu before he was killed and it seemed that even this Nachiketa’s fate was going in that direction until this superb Kaiser Tufail helped him.

It is now learnt that Kaiser Tufail took this Nachiketa to his room and spoke well regarding the likes and dislikes of Nachiketa. It is now confirmed that this Tufail asked Nachiketa about the health condition of Nachiketa’s father plus enquired about his sisters kindly. The surprising point is both these officers shared many similarities between them. Superb!!

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