Kamcord co-founded by Aditya Rathnam and his friends wants to be number one in live streaming

Kamcord co-founded by Aditya Rathnam and his friends wants to be number one in live streaming
Pic: twitter.com

This world in which we are living is electronic and communication based with many electronic devices around us. It is now said that most of us have mobile phone with us and we spend many hours together gazing at the phone. Aditya Rathnam and his group of friends had started Kamcord of utilizing the third camera present in the mobile which is the front screen.

It is interesting to note that back camera had been taken by Instagram and is involved in capturing the world and front camera had been taken up by Snapchat. This led Aditya and his friends to think about the third camera or the front screen and hence was born this Kamcord in California, USA. This live streaming platform could be downloaded in android as well in iOS phones and by this Kamcord the viewers could be able to live stream anything. By this Kamcord sharing of views could be done easily in a candid way.

One main benefit of this Kamcord is live streaming could be done in bits when compared to long hours sessions in Face Book etc. It must be noted that the privacy using this Kamcord is great as the privacy button would cause blurring of the screen when user types user name and password to a page to open. This Indian born Aditya Rathnam graduated from MIT in computer science and he joined with his MIT friends Kevin Wang and Matt Zitzmann in starting this Kamcord. They have been working together to make this platform become famous all over the world and want to be number one in the future. Superb!!

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